We’re Obsessed With the Makeup Look

I’ve realized that for an obsessive makeup lover, I don’t follow the beauty trends very much at all.

Contouring? I’ve always been a fan of a lightweight base, and the less products I use on my skin, the better.

For the sake of experimenting, I’ve tried to apply concealer in a reversed triangle shape under my eyes, and even that was too much for me. I couldn’t stand the feeling of concealer beneath the area where my dark circles are. Heavy contouring is definitely not for me. A subtle contour powder under my cheekbones is as far as I’ll go with the trend.

Strobing? Well, I’ve been naturally strobing since the early 2000s thanks to my pesky sebum overproduction, so no need to douse myself in highlighter.

Color correcting? Because of my hereditary dark circles (Sebum overproduction… Hereditary dark circles… Sexy, eh?), I’ve been using Bobbi Brown’s or a similar peach-toned corrector for years, and they work. Should I switch to bright orange just because it’s on trend? I don’t think so.

See what I mean? This mama’s not much of a trend follower…but I actually do like one of the latest makeup crazes, called “sun-stripping.” Who would’ve thought?

Have you heard of sun-stripping before? It’s easy-peasy! It consists of placing bronzer on the part of the face that usually tans first if you spend much time in the sun. It’s that little strip that runs from one apple of the cheek to the other

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