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Wanna Work for Beauty Industry? We need You!

Working in the beauty industry has many benefits. Most people that choose a career in beauty come from a creative and artistic background. The potential to create a flexible and rewarding life can be fulfilled through these avenues. There are so many aspects of what you can do in these fields that you are never limited to how far you want to go.

Open Positions

Job Posting Title Location Department Date
Heavy Duty Vehicle Driver Jumeira, Dubai, UAE Admin April 5, 2016
Moroccan Bath Lady Jumeira, Dubai, UAE Moroccan Bath March 25, 2016
Manicure Master Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE Manicure February 12, 2016
Hair Stylist Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE HairDressing January 9, 2016
SPA master Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE SPA salon January 9, 2016
Pedicure Master Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE Feet Care January 9, 2016

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